Friday, January 15, 2010

Everything you never wanted to know about me

Well, I suddenly got an urge to go auto-biographical on ya'll. Yes, I recognize this is the sort of 'note-like' garbage you usually get tagged for on facebook. But this is a blog which means tags are non-existent and no one will probably read it. For those who do: here is a small sampling of some of my more noteworthy and head-scratching quirks and idiosyncrasies. Enjoy.

Since my youth (4&up) I've had a perpetual fascination with maps. I really enjoy navigating for car trips and have spent countless hours buried in atlas and other geographic texts. Oh and I find a good sense of direction a definite turn-on.

When given the chance to walk somewhere I prefer it to any other means of transportation. In fact, I use to try to refuse rides from friend's parents in favor of walking. Also, I believe it's a superior way of getting to know someone. Specifically, I hold a walk in the snow to be ideally romantic-much more than one on the beach.

I very rarely go to bed at a time that isn't on the hour or half hour. On numerous instances I've stayed up an extra half hour rather than go to bed at a time in between.

I won't write a paper, regardless of topic, without music in the background. Not sure why it helps me focus but it does.

If it's after 12 pm I refuse to eat cereal for any reason.

On Port Authority buses I won't sit down next to a person I don't know. I stand even if open seats are available.

I like intelligent girls. This isn't those of the book smart, study hard, super serious variety. Well-read girls are a step above the rest. If you appreciate puns and sarcasm you're probably soul-mate material.

Trivia is one of my favorite things in the world. I consciously strive to continually pick up new facts and tidbits.

Almost every day I check the weather forecast. When snow, or some form of extreme weather, is forecasted I obsessively view every detail of the impending storm.

I refuse to pull an all-nighter for school, work, etc. But I will willingly stay up all night doing nothing just to do it.

If asked to make a decision for myself I can do it no problem. However, when asked to do it for another person or a group I am the most indecisive person you'll ever meet.

Before serious conversations take place, I diagram in my head what I'm going to say.

When I give compliments I truly mean them. You'll never hear me casually throw out compliments.

If explicitly asked a question, I'll answer honestly and candidly regardless of the nature of the material being asked about.

When I want to avoid giving an answer, or I'm nervous, I start talking in riddles. Also, usually my speech will get very cryptic.

I gravitate towards certain people, and give them extra attention. In every group of friends I have one person I trust and tell more to than the rest of the group.

My memory is excellent. When I say I don't forget I mean it.

Details are very important to me. I remember likes/dislikes, and when I repeat something you've told me not to before-I do it in jest.

I hold myself to a higher standard than I hold everyone else. Neither of these standards are truly attainable, because I recognize imperfection gets in the way.

Chocolate is one of the best substances known to man.

Finally, I like a good smile :)

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